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What is Collections Management

Collections Management describes the comprehensive care of a collection — large, small, public, or private — to preserve and protect the aesthetic, historic, sentimental, and/or financial values of your art, object, library, or archival collection item. Collections, and individual items in the collection, are tangible, visual, and/or informational assets, and all collections will require specialized attention to preserve, protect and repair. Collections Management identifies ways to improve or sustain a collection through physical maintenance, preservation, and art conservation treatment.

Collections Management services address your collection’s specific needs. As professionally trained conservators, we use the highest art conservation standards to develop both exhibition and storage solutions and physical handling recommendations for your collection. Consultations are tailored to the needs of the collection resulting in a strategic plan that prioritizes ways to maintain and preserve it to meet short, mid, and long term goals.

Public and private collectors benefit from an assessment of the needs and estimation of the costs for caring for individual items or an entire collection. Solutions include clear priorities and a strategic plan for preservation of your specific collections, and can include steps for improved storage materials and techniques, or determining when art conservation treatment is required. Recommendations for additional art expertise such as art appraisers (to determine market and insurance values), professional picture framers, art transporters, and specialist art conservators are also given.

Collections Management services include:

  1. Site Visits and Surveys
  2. Designing storage and exhibition spaces,
  3. Reviewing exhibition rotation and installation strategies,
  4. Moving and handling artworks,
  5. Developing collection inventories,
  6. Consulting on optimal environments for the preservation of art and historic collections,
  7. Assisting in institutional policy development,
  8. Providing resources for financial appraisals, insurance, and other professionals

To find out how your collection can benefit from Collections Management Services, please call Susan Duhl, at 610.667.0714. She is available to discuss your collection’s specific needs on the telephone and schedule a consultation at your convenience. Contact ART CONSERVATORS ALLIANCE.

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