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Paintings Textiles

Steven Erisoty Steven Erisoty
Steven Erisoty
215.753.8808 |

Virgina Whelan Virginia Whelan
Virginia Whelan
Filaments Conservation Studio

610.664.1171 |
Paper Objects

Elizabeth Wendelin Elizabeth Wendelin
Elizabeth Wendelin
215.343.7162 |

Michael Podmaniczky Adam Jenkins
Mike Podmaniczky
302.388.0656 | |

Michael Podmaniczky Michael Podmaniczky
Adam Jenkins
215.380.6426 |
Collections Management

To find out how your collection can benefit from Collections Management Services, please call Susan Duhl, at 610.667.0714. She is available to discuss your collection's specific needs on the telephone and schedule a consultation at your convenience.

Susan Duhl Susan Duhl
Susan Duhl
610.563.8876 |


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